We all love travelling and taking vacations. The hotels we reside in during our travels or visits play a major role in the success or failure of our trips. Its human nature to remember all the things that went wrong as opposed to remembering the positive aspects of our trips. This is why the choice of the hotels in derry City is very important. What factors should you look out for in the choice of hotel?

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The location of the hotel is very important. If your activities are concentrated in a specific are of the city, it is more prudent to stay in a hotel that is near the places you would like to visit. This makes accessibility much easier. In addition, it reduces the cost of moving from one place to another within the city.


Hotels in Derry City have different charges. This may be determined by the location in the city, the brand positioning, the reputation and the quality of services offered. While all these are important factors, you can always work around your budget to determine the hotel you will stay in. Sometimes, it is possible to find two different hotels with the same ranking, similar quality of services, similar food and beverage products but with different prices. In this case, you ought to choose depending on your budget. Cheap does not always mean poor quality and therefore you may check out cheaper options before you make the final decision.


While it is good to try out different cuisines and discover new foods, at times you may be tired of all the new stuff and just need the food you are used to. The cuisines offered in a hotel therefore play a major role in the determination of the most viable one. Most hotels usually have multiple cuisines from all over the world as well as local food. To determine whether a hotel has the food you like, you can check out the menu from their websites.

Client reviews

It is easier to determine the quality of services provided by a hotel in this modern era. A lot of people turn to social media to share their experiences in different hotels. Some people even leave reviews on the hotel's website, Facebook page or travel agency websites to assist other travellers and potential clients in making good decisions. Before you settle on any hotel in derry City, you should go through the reviews left by clients. It may also highlight issues that you never thought existed therefore ensuring that you have your peace of mind.

Availability of social amenities

The hotel should have other services and equipment that ought to make the life of the residents easier. Such include a functional swimming pool, gym, recreational and entertainment facilities. The shared living space if any, should be kept very clean and neat. Hygienic factors should be a priority in all hotels to eliminate the likelihood of spreading diseases amongst the guests.

Choosing a hotel can also be guided by the nature of visit. Some hotels are better suited for business activities rather than social visits. Other factors include the length of stay, nature of the rooms, the serenity of the surrounding area and the availability of packages to suit different family sizes.